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Thread: SLO-Special-Neck on regular Stingray

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    SLO-Special-Neck on regular Stingray

    Hi everybody,
    I have an SR SLO-Special 4H from 2013. As I would like to have an SLO 4HH but the are not build anymore, I am thinking about buying a regular SR 4HH and just changing the neck.
    Does anybody tried this and/or knows, if the SLO-neck fits on a regular SR.
    Thank in advance ...

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    EBMM customer service can give you the definitive answer to your query. I would contact them.

    Alternatively, there is the Sterling HH which will have the neck shape you want, but maybe you specifically want the SR electronics.
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    That‘s right. I want the SR-PUs.
    So I‘ll contact EBMM.
    Thanks form the answer.

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    I contacted them with the same question, and they were less than helpful in finding a solution, they just said no, and we do not sell necks. For some reason they discontinued this neck on the 2018 models.

    keep a close eye out for used ones. I just found a SR 4HH SLO spec on Reverb, they go fast so don't wait around. What an awesome instrument!!!

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    I swap MM necks routinely. Acoarst you can only
    swap 6-hole for same and 5-hole for same. That
    applies to 4-strings. The only reason to swap 5-
    string necks is to convert to/from FL, cuz all the
    5-strings have the same neck profile.

    The fit is never any trouble, but the shims can
    be tedious. The shim [including the absence of
    a shim] does not "belong" to either the neck or
    the body. IOW, you're shimming each partner in
    the swap "from scratch". I make my own shims
    from anything noncompressible, such as plastic
    or aluminum scraps.


    TWIMC, FWIW, I've also swapped between GnL
    and SR4. The pocket is the same, but the bolt
    pattern is NOT. GnL used two different patterns
    and neither matches MM :-(
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