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Thread: Why canít EBMM do this?

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    Talkbass is like trying to drink from a firehose. I don't see how people can get any sense of community over there.
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    There is another relevant question to consider and reflect upon. Who are we? I don't mean that in a purely philosophical sense; rather "what percent of the customer base do we represent"? We represent a minority of EBMM's customer base...the forum posting enthusiasts .

    Most customers will probably never even visit this forum let alone post. If a change is made on the basis of the enthusiasts wishes and it results in higher prices and/or lack of sales to the broader customer base...that is not a win for anyone. I'm also an automotive enthusiast and I can tell you if the auto companies took the advice of the enthusiasts they would be bankrupt in a month.

    It is certainly not an easy task to balance the requests of your ardent enthusiasts with the current business plan and fiscal realities.

    With Respect,
    -Greg P
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    BP used to say, "If I listened to you guys, I'd be asking if you wanted fries with that."

    I mean, "I" am sure that isn't true, but he did say it.

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    I made the post to honestly ask why it couldn’t be done. It wasn’t to try and tell them how to do business. But if it came across that way, that was not my intent. I think EBMM instruments are great. Since 2010 I have purchased 19 or 20 with only the first one being used. I still own 10 I think? For me, because I have worked for 2 custom shops that had every option under th sun pretty much and they were able to do it even though they were much smaller, that’s why it’s hard for me to understand why EBMM can’t? Again, I’m not trying to tell them how to run their business. I think it’s awesome they pay their employees a living wage and benefits. Especially in California. I lived there for 30 years so I know first hand the cost of living there.

    With wanting to come on as a dealer, I truly did want to do that to help grow the brand but there were things in the dealer contract that I was not aware of until I got the contract and once those things were discovered, it would have taken away from me a large area I do business with and have had much success with. Then the added price increases and the risk was a little higher than originally thought so I had to back out.

    Even with my suggestion in this post, it was meant to help grow the brand. Because I love the instruments, I talk to a lot of people about them. As the sales rep, artist rep and head of bass R&D at both companies, I put one stipulation in my contract with them. That stipulation was I was fully rep their brands and handle sales to artists, stores and customers but I still had to be given the freedom to use my EBMM basses or guitars whenever I wanted. I explained to them why and they were both okay with my request. In talking with folks, many like me, have also said the gap in pricing to the used market now is to great and to many, buying used is now more beneficial so with the price increase to gain profit, which I understand ever company needs in order to stay in business, sales will most likely be effective and could dip. For years customers have asked for an EBMM Custom Shop. My post wasn’t meant to be critical but seeing why it couldn’t be done because if it was, even in a partial way of only using woods, finishes or hardware kept in stock, that may help with additional sales.

    There are other things I don’t understand? Why must a person do a 1 for 1 exchange for pickups, electronics, bodies and necks and then do the exact order? On my BFR roasted neck Bongo 4H that was built in 2010. That neck gives me fits at least twice a year where I have to adjust it. I would love to order a different roasted neck if I could and one that is not a gloss finish but that choice is not available. The Bongos I have sold were all sold for one reason. They had painted necks. I hate gloss necks and painted necks and wish I could order replacements that were natural and not having a gloss or painted finish. How many other people would do the same though? And it increases profits. Who cares if they keep the old neck. They bought it too when they bought their instrument.

    If the stuff I said was taken as me trying to tell the company what to do, again, that was not my intent. I was only trying to offer suggestions of things I hear from a lot of people on things they too would love to see.

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    It is impossible to compete with the used market. If anything, increase in new instrument pricing (and I find it's for music equipment in general, not just MusicMan) should also reflect in the used market.

    I have no inside knowledge of the business, but if I were to hazard a guess, I don't think there is a huge market for a custom shop - even if it's based on options available across current model rage - where those choices would put an instrument in the $3000+ range. In fact, I think more people would be bitter to have to pay more for options that are already available.

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    "have faith" doesn't really answer my question.

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    This is too much for me. If I answer honestly and directly I cant win.

    The search function will answer your question why we dont have a custom shop. The search function can explain why we cannot survive making one offs all day.

    You quote Fender...Got me there! Except I dont have Fenders volume. I dont have their purchasing power. do you think when they go to buy tuning keys that they pay the same with their volume? On down the line...wood cases...pickups Its like asking a gastropub why they cant make a burger for 2 bucks because Mc Donalds can. It's exaggerated but you get my drift.

    Jack I love the little missle about you following what is said and by who on talk bass.

    Jay the changes we made by offering more guitars but fewer options has us on a path to break even for the first time in years and the most orders that we have ever had in house.

    Ii am not going to defend any more. I mentioned San Luis Obispo as one reason....ONE.

    I will respectfully ask that you put it to bed Jay. I asked already once. Why do you mention lying so many times...are you implying that I am not telling the truth?
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    Two requests, please
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