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Thread: Ode to my 2017 Caprice...hello to 2002 Sterling!!!

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    Ode to my 2017 Caprice...hello to 2002 Sterling!!!


    As many of you may know, I have been struggling with the neck dive of my Caprice since its arrival. I've tried everything I could think of from wide straps to light weight tuners. The biggest improvement came from installing the Hipshot Ultralite tuners. And while it helped tremendously with neck dive, the bass's overall balance never felt quite right. It never felt as perfectly balanced as a Sterling H does, for example.

    This may not be a huge issue for most people but because my career requires a lot of typing...I couldn't justify the additional strain on my wrists. All that being said...I absolutely loved my Caprice and don't regret a thing ;-) It's quick playing neck and versatile tones helped me to finally finish a loop I've had in my head for years. Soulful Stacatto(Loop) by Greg P | Free Listening on SoundCloud. The harmonics on the Caprice are simply incredible!

    I've always wanted a Sterling H. Its slim neck and the 3 way switching allow me to get that tight focused jazz tone that I love. So when I found a flawless sunburst model on reverb...I couldn't resist. Should be here in a few weeks(it's being shipped from Tokyo!). In summary, thank you EBMM for creating instruments that inspire my creativity.

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    Honeyburst is the best.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    I had to sell my SR5 due to a shoulder problem so the first thing I did when I got my Sterling (which was replacing it) was to fit a set of Hipshot HB6 tuners and an X-tender on the E with the double stop lever

    I have a Stingray on the way and will be doing the same with that one as well
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    I also put ultralite tuners on my sterling 5. Greg, you might want to save the tuners from the caprice for the sterling fretless and put the original tuners back on the caprice.

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    Something isn't right. My Caprice is perfectly balanced - I can put it on and hands completely off the instrument and it stays put in a neck up position with zero neck dive. If I balance the bass on the front strap point, it doesn't dip forward, the center of balance is between the two strap points which keeps it level. And, I have a D-Tuner installed on this bass which adds some weight to the instrument's headstock. It's not a particularly heavy instrument either at about 8.5 lbs.

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    Wow, I'm completely blown away. It balances exactly how I want and the neck is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!
    I first took off the strings and applied Ernie Ball Fretboard Conditioner to the fretboard and back of the neck. Then I wiped off the excess, let it dry for 15 minutes or so, and put a fresh set of Cobalt flat wounds on and a fresh duracell 9V. I know people say that sterlings sound more aggressive than stingrays but to me it just sounds more focused...more pointed if you will.
    -Greg P

    P.S. She's a 2002 model....16 years old and still going strong!

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    E.B. does the best honeyburst, love it. Enjoy that beauty.

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    I never thought I could find a bass whose neck felt more comfortable than the Caprice...until now. :-)
    It's honestly a photo finish though...they are both superb necks. I was considering an HS but they are a bit hard to find and having the ability to tap the Bridge Pickup fully(Par,Single,Series) was very important to me. I mostly play by the bridge...that's the tone I love so this bass fits me great =)

    I absolutely love the tone in all 3 positions...although I think series is my favorite. I'm searching for the right word just sounds so "harmonically rich" in series. I have my treble +30% and bass +15% and it just sings! <3

    -Greg P

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    I have a 5 HS and have owned several single H ones. The single has that tone.

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    I'm really thankful that EBMM makes instruments to suit a wide variety of body types. I'm not tall or have a wide frame or have large hands...and this sterling feels built just for me. It just anchors into me, balances just right, the weight is perfect(feels substantial but not heavy), and has the midrange focus I love. Normally, I like to increase the midrange(450Hz) on the amplifier. With my Sterling, I don't have to make any adjustments on my amp(its set flat) and my Sterling sounds PERFECT. I'm just over the moon! :-)
    -Greg P
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    Sterlings are the hidden gem of the MM family, The tone of the ceramic pickup helps.

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    This is my sterling 5 HH. Its an absolute beast and does everything you could ever want from a bass. I too dont find the sterling as aggressive as a stingray, the individual pickups on their own have a more vintage quality to my ear. The only modification I was thinking of making was to change the in between positions to just one of the coils of each pickup on their own as I dont use them as they are. If anybody has done this please let me know what I need to do.

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    Some initial tone impressions...
    Parallel: warm and open tone with a slight midrange scoop.
    Single Coil: Precise and articulate tone.
    Series: More output than parallel with increased top end and midrange presence. Also the lows sound slightly more compressed than in parallel.

    What an incredible array of tones.

    -Greg P

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