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Thread: Stingray LE - Fact or Fiction

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    Stingray LE - Fact or Fiction

    I recently became aquatinted with what may be a 2009 Stingray LE.

    This bass has a slab body, 2EQ preamp, Tru-oil finished neck, "StingRayBass" logo and a compensating nut. It's a genuine EBMM bass but I can't find any history on something like this ever having existed. I don't know the neck radius just yet.

    I heard from the seller this was a limited run for GC??

    What say you?

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    Go up to the serial number thread and put your serial number in. They will tell you the history of the bass.

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    Pictures might help.
    Sounds like an early Classic, the first ones had an "unfinished" neck and went to GC.
    There was only one run of standard necks. (so no really limited edition).
    Musicman Stingray Classics at Guitar Center
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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