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Thread: Awesome New Bass, But a Mystery

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    Awesome New Bass, But a Mystery

    I just bought an Ernie Ball Musicman StingRay5 and it's awesome. I'm not a very good bass player but what I hear from this guitar makes me wish I were. The mystery is that it has a volume and 4 EQ knobs for a total of 5. Try as I might, I couldn't find a single reference to any such Ernie Ball. None of the images or the Ernie Ball web site reference it. The serial# is E35313 and according to the serial number data bass, this instrument was manufactured in 2004. It's in as new condition and everything works perfectly.

    Could anyone on the forum give me some information?

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    Here is the control diagram. Click on it to download and view

    Awesome New Bass, But a Mystery-cfd_stingray5_ceramic_h_piezo-pdf

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    Says right in the diagram. Your bass is a 5HP. IT has piezo pickups in the bridge saddles.
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    I had 2 Bongos with piezo bridges. They are a nice addition and add a little extra value to the bass. I wish they were still an option. Nice find. You will enjoy the bass.

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    I really appreciate the feedback on this guitar. It has absolutely awesome ultra base using the 4th EQ pot. You guys know your stuff and I appreciate the diagram...very definitely shows my electronics. Where did you find the diagram. I did a search on the web for any information on a 5HP and couldn’t find a single reference and as I said, there were no images of a similar setup. I will continue searching, but if anyone has a reference, I would surely appreciate it. I will be lurking on this forum to see what else I can find on it. Thanks.

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    Had downloaded the diagram a long while ago to have locally. It was available on the Musicman site at the time.

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