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Thread: Does anyone use a pre amp pedal

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    I have the Darkglass BK7 (and the3, favourite drive pedal I’ve ever owned) but very rarely use it and when I do i use it it’s to shape a passive sound. Not got a passive bass at the moment so it’s redundant atm.
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    The Mad Professor Twimble has two channels, ones a preamp section that’s great and can be toggled on and off. I leave mines on through my gig every night. The other channel or section can be set to emulate PAFs, Jazzy tones or even differ type of dumble sounding overdrives. One of the best and versatile pedals I’ve ever owned. That and the Dunlop Echoplex is also a mainstay on my pedal boards. Aloha

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    I use a TC Electronic SpectraDrive, it gives me a good compressor, eq, a little bit of dirt if I want, and a good DI. If I don't use the spectradrive I use a TC RH750's DI out post-eq/compressor, and I've tweaked the settings to sound good up front.

    But both situations are really icing on an already good cake. With my MusicMan's I could play a gig with a bass and a passive DI box if I want--I just have to adjust the eq on the bass differently than I would with a preamp pedal. Usually a little more lows than normal, a mid cut, and highs to taste. I do like having the multiband compressor in-line too, which is why I prefer to play with it, but I'm certainly not lost without it.

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