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    Hi all!

    I have a problem regarding my Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4H 3 EQ which we bought last year from JB Music, Philippines. It keeps on sounding weird (like a frequency jam or static sound) everytime I used it. I had it checked by the local tech here and he said that its oscillating so we sent it back to JB Music. they replaced the pre amp because their technician said itís where the problem is originating. After a while the oscillating sound disappeared but it came back eventually. I tried changing the battery but the screeching noise still occured. Any suggestions what to do?

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    Email EB Customer Service for advice:


    In the meantime, have you tried another lead between your instrument and the power amp?

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    yes we have tried that, we even tried to connect it directly to the power amp, same results
    the screeching sound's still there.the local tech suspected that the replaced pre amp is
    still busted, perhaps it’s not in the pots cause the pre amp they replaced it with is new.

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    You can test the PU by itself for feedback.
    Remove the battery and then use alligator
    clips to play the PU directly into your amp.

    If the problem persists, it's the PU. If the
    problem is gone, it's the EQ-pre unit. And
    as already suggested, confirm that you're
    using a good cable.


    I suggest NOT splicing clips into a cable.
    Use two pieces of wire and four clips to
    make a miniature version of automotive
    jumper cables. One end accesses the PU
    and the other end accesses the tip and
    sleeve of an intact instrument cable.

    Make jumpers that are long enough to
    allow securing the wires to the body at
    some convenient point ... so as to avoid
    risk of accidentally stressing the place
    where clips access the PU leads.

    Such a pair of jumpers is handy to have
    on hand for various diagnostic situations.
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