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Thread: Musicman 1977 varnish

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    Exclamation Musicman 1977 varnish


    I own a 1977 musicman stingray and I think it has been varnished with nitro lacquer (not sure). Id like to know what you recommend for cleaning it.
    It is actually sticky and gummy and I just want be sure to use the right product to clean it.

    Thank you

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    I use GHS Guitar Gloss on my 1979. Could be a bit abrasive polish, but it’s a player bass.
    I think my 1979 is already poly. But that guitar gloss stuff also works on my other nitro lacquered basses.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    Thanx Bert for your tip, I'll give a try.

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    Any specific guitar cleaner will be just fine. I personally prefer the Dunlop range but there all pretty similar

    StingRay 4H Buttercreme 2005 L.E. ("Leighton")
    StingRay 4H Light Blue over Vintage Sunburst. 2005 ("SunBlue")

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