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Thread: Pickup pole height

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    Pickup pole height

    On my Stingrays all of the pole pieces are different heights which I know is the standard layout but I have a hard time getting the G string to come up in most mixes. That pole piece is set flush to the pickup cover. Funny, the E string is set the same but has no problems cutting through. I've seen the videos of guys taking their pickup apart and pressing the pole pieces down on the A and D strings to bring them closer to the other pole heights without adjusting the pickup height itself. I'm not so inclined to do that but by raising that side of the pickup wouldn't also bring the D pole closer to the string as well? What is the recommended solution to getting more volume out of the G string without creating phase issue with he pickup or any other problems?
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    I've recently done this after much reading before I had the courage to do it. I lowered the A & D poles so that they were the same height as the ones on my Sterling and it seemed to solve the issue I had but you could raise the G one.

    It's really straightforward once you take the cover off the pickup
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    Thanks, I might give it a try. My Classic SR has the same pole heights and doesn't have this issue.

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