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Thread: New Stingray in the wild!!

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    New Stingray in the wild!!

    Had a chance to play a new, out of the box 2018 Stingray today at Guitar Center.


    I was concerned that it wouldn't be as good as the old versions, but that was incredibly wrong. Kudos to the design team. You nailed it!

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    Dang. I want to play one! Maybe not enough to go to Guitar Center, but maybe enough.

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    Was at GC today. Noticed two SR5s HH hanging up high on the wall listed at $1499. Guess they are trying to move old stock before the new arrivals.

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    My local GC is the same way. A couple of SR5 HHs that have been there a while (one in Pace Car Blue!). Unfortunately, they both have major fret sprout issues and are in dire need of a setup.

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    It's worth a trip. With the roasted woods, these instruments have a vintage feel to them - you know how when you pick up a 50 year old instrument and it feels "solid" more so than a new instrument? These have that vintage feel to them, IMO. My only minor quibble is that it will probably be awhile before Hipshot makes a d-tuner that fits the new tuners. If that's it, not bad.

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    No d-tuner needed on a 5 string!

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    We'll check in about those SR5's high up on the wall. Now might be a good time to get a deal...
    "Scott Moreno"

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    I've been gone a while. What's new with the 2018 model?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nurnay View Post
    I've been gone a while. What's new with the 2018 model?
    Guess you have been gone!

    Scroll down to the bottom for the basses in the link

    Ernie Ball Music Man 2018 Product Announcement – Ernie Ball Music Man

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    I stopped by my local GC today hoping that they maybe had one or two to try out before they are released next week, and they did happen to have two. Holy smokes, you guys knocked it out of the park with this one. The neck feels smoother than I remember a brand new neck feeling, the new contour feels amazing, and these things are STUPID light. The new hardware is solid; I don't feel like I'm playing with a expensive bass with cheap parts. The GC had a used Stealth Stingray on hand. I grabbed that bass for comparison and put it back on the rack about two minutes later to go back to the new Stingray. These things are the real deal and I can't wait to place my order for a Stingray 5 this summer.

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    Glad you liked it! That B string will rattle your window panes!!
    "Scott Moreno"

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    Just played a Stingray Special at GC...easily the most comfortable Stingray I've ever played. The neck feels much easier to play, the balance is dead on, and this thing is LIGHT!. Congrats....they've done it again!

    Now I'm wondering, will the EBMM Sterling 4 get the 18V Circuit/Neo pickups too? It seems to be the only active bass left in the line w/a 9V preamp. As a Sterling is my main bass...I'm excited for the future ;-)

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    Went to local GC this morning, they had an SR5 and 2 rays. Played the SR5 and tone was all Sterling says it is. Beautiful! Oh, and it was the sparkle silver color with black hardware. Stunning with the roasted neck. In need of a setup though, strings were about 1/2 an inch off the fretboard. Will own one someday.

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    damn altitude truss rod I wish they would adjust those
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    Picked up a SR5H in natural today. Absolute killer bass! The changes are subtle when you're playing, but earth shaking as a sum of the whole. The neck is perfect. Close your eyes and you would swear you're playing on a vintage bass. The body contours are very comfortable. The tone is all you would expect in a Stingray and then some. My bass is 8.25 lbs - that's incredible. I'm picky and always looking for an issue or a problem in everything - it makes me a pretty good IT pro. I don't think I'd change a thing on this bass. Sure, I might get greedy and wish it had a P pickup or something crazy like that, but then it wouldn't be an SR5.


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