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Thread: 20th Anniversary SR5 fretless production numbers?

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    20th Anniversary SR5 fretless production numbers?

    Hi all,

    I have a 20th anni SR5 H, and very lovely it is too, and I was wondering if a fretless version was ever released as I've never even seen a picture of one.

    SR4 fretlesses are rare enough, but how many SR5s were released fretless?

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    Wink Re: 20th Anniversary SR5 fretless production numbers?

    Hi WinterMute welcome to the forum.
    Unfortunately EB usually don't release production numbers of basses.

    With the 20th Anniversary SR5 it was available as a fretless to order, so they had to be ordered they just were not made with out ordering them. I do know of 1 because I was lucky enough to order one at the time - I was going through a Jaco, Pino, wearing a beret & having a ponytail phase (only joking about the ponytail)

    Here is a picture of mine
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20th Anniversary SR5 fretless production numbers?-sr-5-20th-ann-fretless-jpg  
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    Now that is a thing of beauty....

    So they are going to be even rarer than I expected then...

    Don't suppose you still have it and would be willing to part with it?

    I guess I may have to find another fretted and have it defretted.

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    Hi Wintermute,
    Yeah I still have it and actually still use it so unfortunately I cant part with it at the moment.
    But If I ever do I will keep you in mind.

    The Fretted version do come up once in a while on Reverb so good luck with the search.

    Maybe contact Customer Service to see if they will tell you how many fretless basses were made ( I would like to know) - it is a long shot and like I said EB doesn't give out sales info but who knows its worth a shot



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    Took me 15 years to get hold of the one I have now, but not because they weren't around, I simply couldn't afford them...!

    I have a 5 string stealth Bongo that may have to make way for another 20th Anni, they are just the perfect bass for me.


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