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Thread: 2018 Stingray Special Sterling Ball vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregP View Post
    According to the spec page it's set as a combo. I'm stoked that ebony is available on colors other than stealth black!
    There are a few colors where it seems you can choose Rosewood or Maple in the configuration section. These tend to be the more traditional colors. But most only come with a specific fretboard.

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    I love the Charcoal sparkle, but something about those natural basses with the roasted maple fretboard just makes my heart melt. 2018 will be a good year!
    Transparent Teal Stingray

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    I just wish the burnt apple looked better on the SR5. The huge PG covers up most of it. Looks great on the SR4 though!
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    I b——ed about the price increase, I admit it, but the Specials will easily hang with the “boutiques” in the $3-4K range. Dat neck!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brash47 View Post
    Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5HH Electric Bass, 5-String, Ebony Fingerboard (with Case) (New, Cruz Teal). I can't believe I just hit the purchase button.....I'm going to bass guitar hell....


    DAMN RIGHT I'll post pics when it hits my house! The site told me to expect it around late September.
    So, I played one at a local shop and I'm impressed with it. What a great keeping that in mind. I think I still favor the sound/feel of my 30th Aniv. Stingray 5.

    Now dont everyone yell at me. It's all personal, but I'll say its an amazing bass and I look forward to when mine arrives.

    But I think this 30th Aniv. is gonna have that special place for me....


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    Thanks everybody. I'm glad that some of you notice that we have been working hard at making better products and understand that there was a reason for everything we did
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_eigensheep View Post
    Ugggh, I asked for turquoise, and they gave me TWO options. How am I supposed to pick just one?

    Also, really can't decide on the H vs HH. An HS option would have made this easy. I feel like I want the neck pickups for more mellow options (as well as a thumb rest), but i'm not a fan of the look.

    Tough decisions ahead...
    I had the same thoughts - couldn't decide so ordered an aqua sparkle as 4HH and a Cruz teal as 5HH - I'm told to expect them possibly mid August - can't wait!!
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    Here's to hoping we get a SLO option in the coming years. Damn my small hands :-p

    After playing the new Ray I feel it is destined to be a new classic. It feels like as big of a breakthrough as the cobalt flats(which still don't get the attention they deserve, IMHO). :-)
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    Great videos! Everywhere I turn on social media someone is reviewing the stingrays. Awesome job of getting the word out. A plus one on the SLO special option. My jacked up hand due Ulnar nerve issues just works better with a narrower nut width.
    - Alex
    I'm a left hander who plays right handed, so I guess that makes me confused.

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