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Thread: Charcoal Sparkle

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    Charcoal Sparkle

    Afternoon, All!

    I saw the press release for the new SRs (very cool stuff btw) & got wondering- Will the new finishes ever be opened up to the other models?

    I've been eyeballing the Caprice (the one model I don't own haha) lately & think it would look pretty slick in the Charcoal Sparkle finish.

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    Charcoal Sparkle is available on the St Vincent HH guitar as well as the new basses, hopefully the color is popular and it becomes available on other models.
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    Here's hoping!

    I missed the boat on the Starry Night; this finish looks a tad similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
    Here's hoping!

    I missed the boat on the Starry Night; this finish looks a tad similar.
    Was thinking the same thing. Would love to see a side by side comparison to see how close or different they are

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    I am also a big fan of the new colours on for the Stingrays. I have an SR5 right now but want to get a bongo to go with it but I dont like the current colours available for the Bongos. Really hoping they start doing the Bongos in some different colours. I might just get a used one though as I have seen some of the older bongos popping up on the used market where I am.

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    I hear you! I totally get that there's a reason why certain models arrive in certain finishes (production, cost, ROI), but I'd love to see that Caprice in the Char Spar w a roasted neck. Heck, I'd pay extra and send a case of beer down there for the effort ha-ha.

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