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Thread: StingRay Special Spotlight - A Deep Dive Into the Low End

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    StingRay Special Spotlight - A Deep Dive Into the Low End

    Hey again! New blog time, since we dropped the new SR Special line we decided it had so many changes that we should cover it in a series of articles highlighting what makes the SRS so, well, special. You can read the blog post here

    But also worth checking out are our new videos on the SRS, we got Sterling, Tony Levin, Mike Herrera and Stefan Lessard to walk you through some of the changes as well. Personally I really enjoyed Tony Levin going over all those Peter Gabriel lines, I never realized how much I want a bass octave pedal until watching it.

    The Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Special Bass - Tony Levin Demo & Discussion - YouTube

    If you guys have any questions thoughts or gripes about the new SRS preamp then this is the best place to discuss it!
    St. Vincent "Prince Vince" trans purple gold hardware stealth pg roasted bound neck
    Albert Lee MM90 piezo "Silver Surfer"
    Classic Morse
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    Axis Super Sport Semi-Hollow natural flame piezo
    Silhouette Special
    Stealth Bongo H
    White Cutlass Bass roasted neck

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    Oh, how I want a new Stingray 5. Oh yes, I am ready.

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    18v in 2018, I like it! I want one and a 30th sr5

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    Hey, Long time listener, first time caller.

    I have a couple of questions about the new Ray's.

    A. Is there an unlined Fretless option coming?

    B. What are the chances or options for a finish other than glossy? A thin, flat finish, or even nitro.

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    Hey Guys,

    I need some informations from you - Does the new special Ray cut through the mix as good as a classic for example?

    i read that the preamp was revoiced and that the Bass due to the revoicing isnt as harsh as the older models.

    i am a bit afraid that the newer models wont cut through the mix as the old ones? specially in the higher mids?

    Some help?

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    I wish I could give you some insight but my plans to purchase a new SR5 Special have been thwarted by events beyond my control. Someone will chime in soon enough, but my take is Tony Levin wouldn't play a bass that didn't sit well in the mix.

    He stays busy!

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    Got my new SR5 Special HH about 3 months ago and it is killer from looks,tone, playability and weight. It fits like a glove the sweetest in my stable.
    2013 BONGO 5 HSP BLACK
    2011 SR5 H India Ivory
    2009 SR5 HH Natural
    2014 BONGO 5 HH Neptune Blue

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    Sits in the mix nicely not harsh just sweetnesses
    2013 BONGO 5 HSP BLACK
    2011 SR5 H India Ivory
    2009 SR5 HH Natural
    2014 BONGO 5 HH Neptune Blue

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    Just got the SR Special 5HH in Charcoal Sparkle!

    Beautiful bass, so much tonal variation available!

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    I want a Stingray Special in Classic Natural but I'm being told they are unavailable till August. Anyone know the reason for that? Every other color is available now.

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    Love my SR5H special in dropped copper and maple

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    Mine should arrive this week. It's a single H black w/maple fingerboard.
    I love Red Paint.

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    Yesterday I took my Special to rehearsals again. No pedalboard, no effects, nothing, just the bass and a clip on tuner. The room was new and I didn't know the amp at all (an Ampeg BA series), so I just set everything at noon on both the amp and the bass. I did just some minor adjustments on the bass between songs and it sounded stellar.
    This bass has a real clear, present, muscular tone that allows me play softer and be heard very well in the mix. For the New Wave project we are doing at the moment, this thing is absolutely stellar.
    I love Red Paint.

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