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Thread: New SR Day, New to Forum

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    New SR Day, New to Forum

    Greetings to everyone, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I started playing bass in 1994 and the first RATM albums are what inspired me. I could never figure out how Timmy C had such a different and unique bass tone from all the other albums I listened too. Years later I discovered why, the Stingray.

    Fast forward to July 2nd at 11:59pm, I decide to see if Sweetwater got the new SR Specials in. I had been watching the videos and reading forum posts about them and new this was the time for me to buy my first Stingray. At 12:01am I refreshed the page and saw my dream bass. A 4H in Charcoal Sparkle. Last year I missed out on a Starry Night due to hesitation and promised myself I wouldn't let that happen again.

    I'm now happy to say I own my dream bass and the wait was well worth it. The voicing on the preamp is great and does everything I could ever want a bass to do. The build quality is off the charts and surpasses the "Custom Shop" basses from another brand I won't mention. It feels good to buy an American made instrument that has all the details and refinement of a custom made guitar.

    Friday I will get to try my new SR at the Meadows Casino in Pittsburgh through a kicking soundsystem and IEMs. That day cannot get here fast enough. Just wanted to check in and say hi, glad to be part of the family.

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    Posts like yours make our day! Welcome!
    "Scott Moreno"

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    I'm totally with you on the RATM part, I only recently made that connection myself.

    Though I'll credit Cliff Burton with actually inspiring my first bass purchase, I didn't feel like I'd elevated from making noise (which was fun) until I got an Ernie Ball with Cobalt Flats.

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