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Thread: 1987 EBMM Sabre, 3 or 5 way switch?

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    1987 EBMM Sabre, 3 or 5 way switch?

    I recently acquired an 87 Sabre and the selector switch is plum worn out. No clicking or detent, it just moves freely. It has a three band preamp and Iím just curious if it would have been a typical three way switch and could I use a generic replacement?

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    EBMM OEM replacement items are priced very affordably.

    Just contact customer service and bada bing bada boom !

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    Thank you! Appreciate that!

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    Hey Scott. It's a 5 way. Ditto what Golem said. I'm sure they would also help with wiring and control schematics if you need them.

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    Thank you brother! I’ll try to contact them Monday.

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    Found this in my archives, it came with a 1987 Sabre that was sold on Talkbass in early 2009.

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