For me it always comes down to sound + feel. I have always loved my 94 Stingray, which I bought (brand new) to be a sort of utilitarian bass to use for teaching those beginning students who were still "stuck on 4-strings". Joke was on me, because over the years it's become my main axe and now it's me that's the 4-string bass fan. I love my Stingray 5, and IMHO the Sterling fretless is the best-sounding fretless on earth and I'm lucky to own one. All because of sound and feel vs. name and logo.

I never was enamored with the sound of the Big Al, though I loved its looks, and both passive models don't really do it for me either. No fault of the basses though--the sound of a P-bass doesn't do it for me either, but it's been rather successful for its manufacturer. If the passives make the company money, I'm happy for EBMM and I'll hope they keep turning out basses I love.

I would love to see the Classic Sabre brought back though. And a fretless Classic Sabre.