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Thread: adjust the polepieces on pickup

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    adjust the polepieces on pickup

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    I did it on my old USA SUB, and it worked just fine. If you don't wanna mod the original pickup though, I'd suggest swapping it for another that doesn't have staggered pole pieces. Or better yet, grab a new 2018 Stingray, those don't have staggered pole pieces xD

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    I've done something similar on a couple of stingrays--I just pushed the A and D poles down level with the other ones and then tilt the pickup to get the right balance. Each time I held my breath. Move those pole pieces only ONCE, don't go back and forth. Be aware you might still trash your pickup. It worked for me, but you have to be willing to take the chance that your PU might come out dead.


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    I have a few StingRays but I haven't played them regularly until recently.
    Not only is the G string a little weak, I tend to beat the heck out my basses when slapping. I smash the strings into the pole pieces. It kills the guys using IEM's. A small strip of gaffers tape works but I'd rather not have to use it.
    Before you bash my technique, I've been playing for way too long too adjust now. And I don't have these problems on other basses.

    I'll risk adjusting the pole pieces at my next string change:-)

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    Alright, quick resurrection.

    I did this now on my current 2 Stingrays as well. Not so much for the string-to-string balance, but more for the comfortable playing over the pickup. I like to play with the "meat of my fingers" and I sometimes catch the pole pieces, and my 90s Ray has sharper pole pieces since they're not rounded. I'm not the one to play super gently or just using the tip of my fingers. I like to feel the strings. Both of my Rays are completely stock (stock preamp and pickups).

    I also had a few Rays before, and tried them with:
    Aguilar AG4M - pole pieces are totally flush with the cover.
    Nordstrand MM4.2 - pole pieces are ever so slightly staggered, E and G are flush with the cover.

    I pushed my pole pieces to retain just a bit of stagger, a bit more so on my 2 bander which has nice beveled edges. Do it gently, sometimes all it takes is a bit of force with your thumb. I wrote down the measurements from the pole pieces to the bottom of the strings before and after doing this. The numbers are similar, and are mostly around 0.5 mm difference in height per string - but the comfort is way, way better for me. No more catching pole pieces with my fingers.

    I also shimmed the pickup covers to raise them, since all of the poles (including E and G) are slightly raised by default. This brought them on the same level as the pickup cover. Again, more comfortable playing over the pickup.

    Just to give a bit more info, my Stingray action measured on the 12th fret to the bottom of the string is:
    E - 1.5 mm
    A - 1.25 mm
    D - 1.0 mm
    G - 1.0 mm

    Pole pieces to the bottom of the string height (approx):
    E - 3.5 mm
    A - 4.0 mm
    D - 3.5 mm
    G - 2.5 mm

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    My favorite comment:

    This is what Sterling Ball said back in 2005: This trait has been around since the first day of the stingray. Its is NOT a byproduct of wood. It is due to the active preamp used on the bass. The output isnt actually lower the response is thinner sounding or not as fat. IT is one of the things you get used to with a Sting Ray or not. Believe it or not it was a complaint of mine in the beginning when I worked with Leo. The emerging slap and the old school country click players loved it. That thin snappin G sound helped the Sr taked off. You can try flats and it will help, but chances are that you will bet used to it by playing ...

    So this is typical for a stingray - with this in mind. my g string is a bit higher than my e string due to the alignement of the polepieces with the strings. i pushed my pickup a way more up on the treble site and it worked perfect. it you dont like the thin sounding g - the stingray is not the right bass for you.
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