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Thread: Stingray Neck Through

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    Stingray Neck Through

    Do you think the neck through stingrays will still be around long term now that the specials are here? Don't hear much about them. I do believe the classics will endure.

    Think I heard the pre-amp on the neck through basses is a little different than the regular discontinued stingray?

    How does it differ?

    Is it closer to the specials or is its own unique thing?

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    Never owned one but had the pleasure of trying a couple out at various shows (well the best you can at a show) and to be honest they are not my cup of tea, feel very light, delicate almost. Not that that’s a bad thing just not my thing.
    As far as future availability? Who knows. But I’m guessing the ones in circulation at the moment will eventually hold there price and become quite collectible

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    We will be discontinuing the NT Stingrays in 2019....
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    I would definitely get one, if I didn't already have two Stingray 5s. The ones I tried out were GREAT. If you are one who loves that neck through feel, they are everything they should be, AND they are a Stingray.

    The pickups are Alnico, and I think the preamp was redesigned specifically for the changes the neck through design makes to the sound. I don't think you'd find it on another model.
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