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Thread: Charcoal sparkle and aqua sparkle

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    Charcoal sparkle and aqua sparkle

    Hi I am interested in ordering the new stingray 5 special and I can't decide between the two colors. I don't have a chance to see them in person so I would appreciate if any of you have any basses in those two colors to send a couple of pictures so I have a few more references other than the photos on the music man webpage. Thank you

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    I would look for some videos. Those show best what they really look like. Also I'm sure that other places have taken their own pictures. Also, google returns a TON of different hits for both.
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    Buy one of each. Problem solved.
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    Buy one, decide you don't like it as much as the other, then buy the other. Then sell the first one to me for half of what you paid for it.

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