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Thread: Stingray 4 Special Dropped Copper

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    Stingray 4 Special Dropped Copper

    Well I have decided to once again take the plunge and purchase another EB Bass. I already own a Sunburst Classic 4 and a Bongo 5 but the new 2018 range of Stingrays have really got me Gassing badly.I own a number of basses not all EB's and have them in different body colours like Sunburst, Black, Stealth, Natural and White. So this time I am going for something different but sparkles do not rock my boat so they are out oif the question.
    I am tempted to go for the Dropped Copper but would like to know if it has any sparkle in it whatsoever as I cannot find the relevant information anywhere on the internet.......Thanks!

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    just did an image search... doesn't look sparkly but man that's a great color!!
    Balls are Best!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop View Post
    just did an image search... doesn't look sparkly but man that's a great color!!
    Yeah I did the same, chose the best image on offer and maximized it and I noticed a slight sparkle. But maybe that could be because I maximized it.

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    Well, if it's that hard to see...
    Balls are Best!!

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    It's considered a pearl finish.
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    It's very sparkly, I've seen a guy on TB return it for a different color because it was too sparkly for him. There's pics of it in that thread too.

    EDIT: Sorry, that was Burnt Apple, not Dropped Copper..
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    Just out of curiosity, how does Dropped Copper compare to the special run copper finish that was done for Guitar Center some years ago?

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