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Thread: Aqua Sparkle SR4HH Special in action

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    Aqua Sparkle SR4HH Special in action

    This is warts and all one - first song, no sound check street festival gig - first time I'd played the bass other than in the shop when I collected it. It's on the centre setting (both humbuckers) - DId into the PA before the amp - an Orange 200 watt with a 4 X 10 - I'd never used one of those before either!! House PA and sound guys - that said the sound was pretty good and especially later in the set.

    I think the bass was all on centre detent but I did up the mid when I couldn't hear the harmonics on the stage (an amp issue as they come out on the PA Ok

    Get Carter live September 1st 2018 at Faversham Hop Festival - YouTube
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    That sounded great!

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