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Thread: For BP, Re: New Stingray Special H vs. Bongo H

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    For BP, Re: New Stingray Special H vs. Bongo H

    Hey BP! Quick question: you've always said that you love the single-H Bongo. In your thoughts, how does it compare to the single-H Stingray Special? Have you started gravitating towards the Stingray Special or do you stand by your single-H Bongo?
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    well I do love them both but I dont have a special yet....I dont like cutting in line...serious...they are both neodynium so they are both in my wheelhouse
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    It's like you're asking him to pick a favorite child. :-)
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    I was just wondering if the new Stingray uses the pickup that was first developed for the Big Al H? From the specs as far as I found them this might be the case.
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    Wasn't the Big Al H ceramic? The new Stingray pickup is neodymium. So at least that is different. The single coils on the Big Al SSS were neodymium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edmang View Post
    Wasn't the Big Al H ceramic? The new Stingray pickup is neodymium. So at least that is different. The single coils on the Big Al SSS were neodymium.
    I think it was. My take on the Stingray Special, having used a 4HHS for a couple of months is the sound is pure Stingray through and through - just with more power and a different frequency centre on the mid range - not like a Bongo sound at all. The one element reminiscent of a Bongo is the amount and sound of the bass boost available. The whole package is great and I was reminded how much better those new tuners feel when I made fine adjustments before our second set in a packed and very warm pub on Saturday night - they're thicker in the middle and just feel really nice and sturdy, a pleasure to use.

    They seem to be selling pretty well around these parts also.

    Come to think about it I seem to remember Scott saying the pick ups are neodymium but wound to Stingray specs (or maybe I dreamt it....)
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