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Thread: Bongo 5HH(want to show off and looking for information)

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    Bongo 5HH(want to show off and looking for information)

    Hello! Noob here, so please be nice. I picked up a used Bongo 5HH, which turned out to be a 2004 model(I didn't even realize they have been making the Bongo for that long). I love it. It has been refinished by Marty Bell(world renown Marty Bell) and looks flawless. I hate the color blue but this thing sticks out like a sore thumb and I like that kind of attention. I do have some questions on it though.

    Did EBMM use different wood on earlier models of the Bongo? This thing is extremely heavy, or so it seems. I have a Neptune Blue Bongo 5HH, and have previously owned a BFR 4H. There seems to be a substantial weight difference between the PDN Neptune Blue Bongo 5HH and this one. Anyone have any insight into this? Bathroom scale is showing close to a pound of difference.

    Also, have there been any major design/material changes over the course of the Bongos?

    Thanks for any help. Here is a pic. I understand it wont be for everyone, but I really dig it and everyone I talk to seems to have an opinion on it(whether good or bad)!

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    Bongos have always been basswood. And I love that finish. Nice score!

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    Love the finish!

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    Cool looking bass! Think there were a couple of PDN Bongos that were mahogany instead of basswood. You can post your serial number here Music Man Serial Number Database to find out information about your bass like D.O.B. and original color.

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    Neptune Blue and Honey Roasted PDN versions had a mahogany body. Rest are basswood.

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    That Blue Flake probably weighs an extra 10 lbs. Killer finish!

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    Not bad ! Definitely an interesting finish

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    Frickin' awesome sparkle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGEJ2 View Post
    Neptune Blue and Honey Roasted PDN versions had a mahogany body. Rest are basswood.
    Think of the VTB PDN - Versions with ash body and unfinished all maple neck.
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