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Thread: Stingray tuning key question.

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    Stingray tuning key question.

    I want to replace 1 or 2 of my tuning keys. Everywhere I look, they specify between the G key and the E, A, and D keys. I have looked at them intently on my bass. Other than flip the key (turning part), I don't see the difference. What am I missing? Is there actually a difference?

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    A very big difference. The G tuner is geared in reverse to the E, A & D because it's underneath the headstock. If turning the E, A & D tuners anti clockwise to tune up, turning the G tuner anti clockwise will tune down. It's all about tuning the gears in the same direction.

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    Yeah.. the other problem of course is that it'll be backwards as well. I don't know if you can flip the tuner key easily.
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    Just changed one myself (could do with a second) easy enough. In short yes there is left a right. And from what I was told when I ordered some times the posts are different lengths ? Don’t know how much truth there is in that but just ordered it for the intended string and job done

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    Yesterday, I spoke with a tech at Ernie Ball. He said that with the exception of flipping (reversing) the actual peg, there is no difference. He said that he has had occasions where he hasn't had a "G" key available, and he himself have flipped a E,A,D peg to make it work. Good to know.

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    Remove the metalsheet and flip it.
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    Those Schaller BML replacements appear to have longer shafts and looks a bit off:
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