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    Hello. I have my first bass on the way. Itís a 5 string Stingray Special in charger green. Iíve been playing guitar for a while now and late Iíve been wanting to learn bass. Iím a big Music Man fan so the Stingray should be a great fit to my collection.

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    Post a pic after it arrives

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    I was a 'bass player' for a long time until I went through a burn-out phase for a few years, then the thought of learning to play 'guitar' proper re-inspired me. (Thank you, Mrs. Bebop
    Just be cautious of the very common condition of playing bass "like a guitar player".
    Playing bass properly is actually a very different style than guitar... keep it simple, don't over play, and timing / feel are everything...
    Anxious to see pics of your new axe!
    Balls are Best!!

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