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Thread: Standard stingray discontinued?

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    Standard stingray discontinued?

    Hey folks, This is my first post.

    I just tried to buy a standard Stingray 4H 3eq black/maple from a retailer here in the UK (Anderton’s) and they have told me that when they made the order they were told that it has been discontinued. Is this correct?

    It’s still listed on the website here StingRay | Basses | Ernie Ball Music Man

    And is listed on many UK retailer websites.

    Does that mean there are only the specials or the classics available?

    Now I’ve played the 2018 special and whilst it’s a truly beautiful bass (which I will likely buy in time) I’m on a mission to re-buy a bass that I very much regret selling a decade ago.

    So what’s the deal, Am I too late? Have you really discontinued the iconic standard stingray?!?!?

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    When it was first announced, what became the Stingray "special" was being talked about as a redesign and revamp of the standard Stingray, which had remained unchanged for quite some time. I had always assumed that it would replace the standard stingray and stingray 5, especially now that they had the "classic" stingray and stingray 5. The new pickup, electronics, and other features really update it to a "modern" bass that competes with many of the other designs out there.

    The classic stingray is a modern take on the instruments that made the Stingray a legend, but with modern features such as the truss rod nut/wheel, and 6 bolt neck joint.

    With the Classic and The special around, the "standard" became somewhat redundant.
    2007 Stingray 5 HS Cherry Burst / Maple FB / 3 Band EQ / Ceramic Pickups
    2012 Stingray 5 H Pearl Blue / Rosewood FB / 3 Band EQ/ AlNiCo Pickup
    2012 Steve Morse Morse Blueburst / Rosewood FB
    2012 Luke III SSH Vintage Sunburst / Rosewood Neck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bevan View Post
    Have you really discontinued the iconic standard stingray?!?!?
    Hi Bevan,
    depends on what is a „iconic standard stingray“ for you?

    - pre EB or EB
    - 3bolt, 4bolt ('80), 6bolt ('90) or 5bolt (now) neck attachment
    - 2band, 3band ('87)
    - mutes (pre '96)
    - alnico, neodymium
    - sharp pickup edges
    - alder, ash, poplar, mahogany (30th anni '06) body
    - maple, rosewood
    - compensated or standard nut
    - lacquered or oil/wax neck ('93)
    - contours or not

    The StingRay got renewed all the time, now its just called „Special“.
    1979 StingRay natural maple

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    have you checked with any dealers

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    I did check with a couple of dealers and they confirmed for me that it was indeed discontinued.

    So I basically got over it and am now the he proud owner of a Stingray Special. Woo.

    Got the black/roasted maple 4H one, will post pics in a bit.

    I’d still argue that the standard wasn’t redundant as the special has quite a different smoother sound, and the classic only comes in the 2eq, so you can’t really get one that does the really aggressive 90s scooped sound anymore. (I’m aware this is not a particularly trendy sound though).

    Anyways I’m super happy with the special, the neck is just superb.

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    The "Standard" Sting Rays are no longer available for new orders. They're still kept on the EB website as many dealers still have new stock.

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    Who's really compared playing the two? I tried the special out of a nice amp and wow! Sounded great and felt great. Light and fast. Then I tried a used Stingray probably a mid 90's build out of a weird tube amp and didn't like the feel, felt clunky and definitely heavier, and the sound didn't seem that great. could be the amps or it was a bad example of a "Standard" Stingray. Don't know. Want to know more.

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    Well funnily enough, since starting this thread I bought a 2018 and a 2017 stingray, both 3eq, both black and maple. And was able to compare them both.

    I love them both, the biggest difference is the electronics, the new pickup and preamp sound warmer, less scooped and less extreme than the 2017 one. It has a much more usable tone imo.

    The other big difference is the neck feel and the stainless steel frets seem to make a much brighter sound for me.

    Mine are actually very similar in weight so not much to say there.

    I plan to keep them both.

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