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Thread: Incomming Bongo 6

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    Incomming Bongo 6

    I spotted this bongo 6 on Reverb and made an offer. It was refused so I raised it a bit and it was accepted so this guy will be coming my way:

    Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo 6 HH Bass Guitar | Reverb

    I briefly had a Bongo 6 once before but did not give it much of a chance before returning it to Sweetwater. I loved the electronics, the 34" scale and great B string, loved the tight spacing at the bridge but found the spacing at the nut a bit wide for my comfort. This time I plan on spending more time getting acquainted with the Bongo 6.

    Wish me luck. I know Jack is pulling for me.

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    I am! I am! I just wish it was all sparkly.

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    Hah. Chuck doesn't do sparkly! The bass is shipped UPS this morning but delivery is scheduled for Friday the 28th! This will be a long wait.

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    Congrats man!

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    Congratulations hope it works out for you this time around. It’s a Lovely looking bass

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    Man I love my Bongo 6HS Chuck. This is my third time trying to Bongo and it was the proverbial charm. I love this bass. Did I say that?

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    Yes, Scott, you did say that. I think this Bongo will be the one for me. Gloss black is my favorite out of the colors on production basses. I would love to have one with perhaps an ash body with a sunburst finish and a clear finished maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. That is just cosmetic stuff. How much does your Bongo 6 weigh? Some are heavy.

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    I’m not sure Chuck of the actual weight but now that I have a bonafide bad back with which to judge by I can say that it is not heavy at all. I have 4 string basses that are heavier.

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    My Bongo is at the Ft. Worth UPS facility. Scheduled delivery is the 28th! Jack, would you mind going to Ft. Worth and get my bass and then bring it to me? Please don't give me that "It's Christmas Eve" excuse.

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    Congrats! That finish is neat. I'm sure you will love it!
    "They say there ain't no rest for the wicked, and oddly I haven't slept in forever"-Jeremiah the Goat

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    Thanks, Andy. It is finally on a truck and on its way to San Antonio from Ft. Worth. Looking forward to the "test drive".

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    Oh, by the way, IIRC Sterling once said that the most requested finishes were natural and black. I have seen only the occasional special issue Bongo with translucent finished bodies and an unpainted neck. That would be my first choice but black certainly looks great and especially on the Bongo 6. It will go well on a Tux gig!

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    Ah yes, those happy words..."out for delivery".

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    The Bongo has arrived. It is mint condition...just needs a good wax job to remove fingerprints. It arrived in the factory case with all the case candy. It weighs 9 pounds, 14 ounces and feels lighter in my hands. It has a beautiful rosewood fingerboard, plays wonderfully and sounds terrific. I am very pleased with this one. The electronics are just fantastic on these basses. It sounds great with all the tone knobs and the PU blend in the middle....and then there is all that powerful EQ to be used as needed.

    The folks at Ernie Ball hit this one out of the park and into the next county! THANK YOU!!

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    Yeah, after the wax job!

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