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Thread: Knob Washers

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    Knob Washers

    The washers under the knobs on my neckthrough StingRay are rusty. I've emailed customer support, but I have to replace them today.

    Do you know the size/type I need?

    I can't imagine it being too difficult to find something similar, but just in case they have to be something specific, I thought I'd ask. I should have done the same thing before I used WD40 on the valves of my cornet...

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    Wow, rusty? Do you live in a humid area or one near the coast? Usually don't see that very often.
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    Townsville, North Queensland.

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    I doubt they’re anything special, if you go to Global fasteners or Bolt masters here in the Ville, I’m sure they’d have that size.

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    Yeah, just waiting for Boltmasters to come back of their break.
    The washers are .620" x .380" x .020".

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