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Thread: Saddle Screws won't turn on Brand new SRS4

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    Looks like a poor design to me.
    Wasn’t a problem on the old bridges.
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    It is a very odd way to design a bridge and it should be able to be set lower. I had the exact same issues setting up my bass. The G string is probably 1 mm from its lowest point, same w the E. But I can’t get the A and D strings where they need to be. I was going to call Customer Service to get some shorter screws in the morning.

    One of the advantages of a bolt on neck is that it can be shimmed. My 2006 30th had a factory shim installed when I received it new from the factory. I’ve used EBMM shims in every Stingray I’ve ever owned and both my P and J basses. They work beautifuly and you can buy them at Customer Service as well.

    My only complaint
    Is the string nut is never cut low enough. I have the same complaint with my sons brand new Fender. But I guess not everyone likes a low action bass and those of us who do just need to take a few extra steps to get things to our liking, All in all its a great bass.
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