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    I'd like to try the cobalt slinkys. I have yet to find a 6 string set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck M View Post
    I'd like to try the cobalt slinkys. I have yet to find a 6 string set.
    I tried finding a 6 string set a few months ago and could not find one.

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    Time to ask the experts over in the string may be we have to find a single string to go with the 5 string like other brands

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    Posted there when I was looking and didn't get a reply

    Are their cobalt flats for 6 string bass?

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    I have my strings ordered. I ordered Slinky Cobalt .032's from Ernie Ball and 5 string sets from Sweetwater. Can't wait to try them. If they make my Bongo sound guys will have to endure more positive declarations from me.

    Did I tell you I love my Bongo HH 6 string? Perhaps I should PM Big Poppa. Something keeps me from it. I know, I will tell Jack (again) and he will tell Big Poppa!

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    BP: "Hello?"
    Jack: "Hey, it's Jack."
    BP: "Who? Not that guy from the intertubes again, is it?"


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    Hah. I know better than that, Jack. Sterling is a great guy and would never do that to you. I'll bet he wouldn't do it to me either but I respect his wishes about the PM's. He has bigger fish to fry but I know he knows that I love my Bongo..and he is happy about that. He already said so but I was just trying to make him smile.

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    Every time a Texan buys a Bongo, an angel gets his wings.

    Or Sterling gets some new dry rub.

    There's a saying, but I'm not sure I remember correctly.

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    I have been quiet too long. You may have forgotten so I must say again:

    I love my Bongo 6HH.

    There. Now I feel better.

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    You got me wanting one, I am on the hunt. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by five7 View Post
    You got me wanting one, I am on the hunt. Thanks!
    I got mine used off Reverb for a good price but didn't save much over the cost of a new one. Sweetwater had some gloss black ones in stock the last time I looked.

    Good luck with your hunt.

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    Was playing my Bongo 6 the other day and just messing around with the EQ. The low end was really pumping. Got me thinking it was close to the in your face sound of a Moog Taurus. No other bass has even come close to that.

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