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Thread: Happy Birthday to our Commander-in-Chief

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    Happy Birthday to our Commander-in-Chief

    I hope it's a great one
    "If you bend a string and you don't make a face; it's like eating food without tasting it." - Paul Gilbert

    black sugar Albert Lee SSS - piezo
    25th Anniversary
    Dargie Delight 1 Silhouette HSH

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    Happy Birthday Sterling! Glad to be a small part of the crazy Guitar and BBQ ride you are on.

    CAPRICE Natural
    Former owner of...
    BONGO - 4HH (Rolls Burgandy), 4Hp ("Small EQ"/Medallion Gold), 4H (Ice Blue), 5HSp (White), 4H (Black Sugar), 4H (PDN Honey Burst), 4H (PDN Tobacco Burst)
    STINGRAY - 4H (30TH), 4H (Dargie Delight), 4H (VSB/BFR RW Neck), 5H (08 LE)
    STERLING - 4HH (Dargie Delight), 4H (Stealth), 4HS (Natural)
    25TH - 5HH (Venetian Red)
    BIG AL - 4SSS (Olive Gold)

    Musicman Cutlass/Caprice Bass Club on Facebook.

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    Cheers...and many beers

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    Thanks all...ROd no beers for 12 years! had a few diet cokes though
    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
    Please don't PM me

    Please dont add me as a friend on life is an open book here as it is.

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    Happy Birthday BP!
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
    Visit the all new! <--- My Store --->DuBaldo Music on Facebook & on twitter
    Do you want to TRADE your used EBMM in for a NEW one? -- Email me for details! <--- My email <--- My band

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    Happy Birthday BP hope your having a good one

    StingRay 4H Buttercreme 2005 L.E.
    StingRay 4H Light Blue over Vintage Sunburst. 2005 ”SunBlue"


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    Happy Birthday BP!!

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    Happy Birthday!! May your day be filled with Bass..
    Just more ramblings from an old man that still Rocks
    Bongo 5 HS, Piezo Bridge, Saphire Black, Moon.
    Trace Elliot ELF,
    CT Electronic RS210
    Aguilar GS212 JBL Loaded

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    Belated. BLTN
    Whoz Playing? All types of music. Music for all ages. Variety specialists.
    Whoz Playing Jazz Trio
    '79 Sabre
    '13 SR5

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