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Thread: Will the new SR Special cut through ?

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    Will the new SR Special cut through ?

    Hey Guys,

    someone out there who played the new Stingray Special 4 single Humbucker version?
    I need some informations from you - Does the new special cut through the mix as good as a classic for example?

    am a bit afraid that the newer models due to the new preamp and new pickup wont cut through the mix as the old ones like a 2 Band Classic for example :?

    I really love what they did with the bass and i really like that tone but i've never heard it in a full band lineup.

    And yeah in all videos they sounds very punchy mid pronounced i really love that tone.
    Even flat with fingerstyle it sounds very agressive punchy with a clear tone never heard before.

    Im really about to order a copy with maple neck but i will be disappointed when this beast will not cut through the mix like f.e my jolly old SR Classic.
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