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Thread: Pickguard help PLEASE!!!

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    Pickguard help PLEASE!!!

    Hey Gang,

    Does anyone know of a reliable source to get a replacement pickguard? I have tried pickguardplanet and it didn't go well.

    Let me start by saying I have a 87 MM Stingray. Pickguardplanet had (once they secured my order and payment) HORRIBLE customer service. Often going weeks without communication, and even then only when I repeatedly reached out to them. Once I did get the pickguard, not only did it not fit, it looked like a 5 yr old did it by eye. The corners weren't even crisp (I will included a pic with this message). They asked that I return it, along with a DETAILED tracing of my current pickguard (after I said I couldn't send the original since I gig w/ this bass). The tracing I sent them was PERFECT, I studied drafting in college. Again, no word from them. I verified via USPS that they had received it 10 days prior. Once I emailed them I got the following reply (in part)..........
    "You have a very early Stingray - manufacturing methods weren't as precise as they are now. Perhaps your neck had more material at the butt and so MM opted to cut away at the neck pocket of the pickguard rather than re-sand a wood neck. Its just a guess but if this if from or recently after Leo's time, that would not surprise me as G&L instruments have the same issue - neck pocket fitting that is done instrument by instrument after we deliver the guards. Its very frustrating for us, but that's how Leo liked to make things - sort of "hand crafted", which we admire, but not good for making replacement parts en masse.

    I think the best option for you is to have a guitar repair shop fit the pickguard for you to your bass; that is what they are there for anyway & it is the kind of work they routinely do."

    Yep, they blamed my bass and Leo Fender for not being able to make me an accurate pickguard. To add insult to injury, notice that nowhere in their reply did they mention a refund. And I haven't heard another word from them since! So, I am bad to square one. Any suggestions?

    In the picture, the original is on the bottom. So you can see, I couldn't just trim off material. I have more pics, but this one pretty much sums it up.

    Pickguard help PLEASE!!!-pickpercent-jpg
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    Best advice? Get some material and do it yourself. I don't know of many pickguard companies that are able to get it right, even with the original pickguard in their hands. Heck maybe they are all the same company.
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    I recently bought a router attachment for my dremel with the same thought in mind. Now I am just hunting for a good source for the plastic.

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