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Thread: Amps for a Bongo

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    Amps for a Bongo

    Hey people, I recently got a new bass (EBMM Bongo) and I知 wondering the best amp to look for getting the best sound, though I値l admit this thing can sing through a comb with some wax paper on it, but I was just seeing what you all thought would be best for tone.
    I use a fender bassman 200 1X15 combo stack at the moment.

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    My main amp is a Little Mark II. Highly recommended. Going on 13 years and has never let me down.

    Backup is a Mesa D800, which may soon take the top spot. Just got it not long ago so haven't stress-tested it yet. That starts tonight. I have recorded with it, a line out, and HOLY SH&T that sounds good!

    Redheaded step child: Fender Rumble 500. Nothing wrong with it, but the other two amps are miles above. This was my backup for quite some time and it never failed, either....just not the same OOMPH as the other two amps.

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    When it comes to the Bongo, Bovinehost knows his stuff (and I agree on what he posted - my MarkBass is my backup) - I actually like my GK 1001RB with them (especially with the Bongo4H) love the sound separation you can get with it.
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    My old Svt classic and SvtII pro, amazing! My mesa 800+ thru my bergantino 410 sounds great too.

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    Darkglass M900 sounds ridiculously massive

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    I use a pair of Aguilar GS112's powered by an Aguilar AG 700 or my Genz Benz Shuttlemax 9.2. My Bongo 6 HH sounds fantastic through that rig.

    Aguilar has discontinued the GS112 cabinet. They presently make the SL112 which is fun to carry but does not even live in the same sonic ball park as the GS112. They also offer the DB112 which I have not tried.

    Your Bongo will sound great through any decent amp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TherealAC View Post
    Darkglass M900 sounds ridiculously massive
    I壇 love a darkglass amp, but I don稚 know if I can shell out that kind of coin for one. I love all their products.

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    I’ve looked into mark bass, I can remember the first time I played a MM on a mark bass, sounded like heaven.

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    Honestly, the Bongo would sound good going through a power amp. I知 currently using a GK Fusion 550. I have quite a few amps though and it sounds great with everything.
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    I've been using my Fender Rumble 40 Studio Modeling Amp for use at home and recording....main thing for me atm is that it can make so many sounds with just playing around in the electronics section.

    This is a practice amp btw.....havent used my Bongo live yet.

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    I haven't tried one of those modeling amps with a bass, but I do have a Fender Mustang II that I use for recording guitars and it's a great little thing.

    The best bass sounds I get when recording are either with a Vox StompLab bass box coupled with a bit of live feed for some speaker dirt or a line out from the Mesa D800 also with some added live sound.

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    I play through an Ashdown ABM with a 210+115 matching cabs... the sub function brings some serious bottom. Basically an English version of Ampeg with clearer highs IMhO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bovinehost View Post
    My main amp is a Little Mark II. ......
    Same here.
    Get one ... or two, like me :-)

    Clearly It's my fave. I also have
    their booster pedal which will
    bring the MB contour, and the
    two famous filters, to a house
    connection or any other amp.
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    I'm Bongo-less at the moment, but have owned two in the past. My only advice is that any good-quality amp with decent power will work fine. I would look for one with some high frequency extension, i.e. a tweeter, to capture the unique mid/high end in these basses.

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    +1 on markbass and darkglass. I run my Bongo 6 string through a DG M900 into a markbass 4x10. Awesome sound. I have heard decent things about the darkglass cabs as well, but what sells me on markbass cabs is their light weight.
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