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Thread: Are rewards still just GAS?

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    I've successfully (yesterday) defended my dissertation, I've not satisfied my GAS yet.
    I have some ideas, there are some really beautiful basses, and I'll keep looking.

    I put the bongo in my hands for a few minutes this last weekend, and it just felt so good. It is great to be able to play again. Hard to believe how little I've playing for the last year.

    What I think I figured out, the doctorate is a big deal without or without buy a new bass. The bass is a big deal on its own too, and I'm pretty sure that's what y'all were telling me the whole time.

    In the end it is really just gas.

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    Congrats on the dissertation defense! That's a huge accomplishment. I have several friends and relatives who've been there, and I know how much work they did to prepare. And yes, the bass is a big deal on its own too, but if the doctorate is the excuse/rationalization you need to get a new bass, run with it.

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