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Thread: My neck cracked!!! I'm in tears!!!

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    My neck cracked!!! I'm in tears!!!

    Hey all,

    First time posting and it's really bad news!! My neck has a crack in it!! I found it when I was changing the strings and cleaning off the neck with some lemon oil. This bass has been my go to every since I got it years ago! I'm scared to even restring it at the moment! I've attached some pictures below.

    WHAT DO I DO???!!!??

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My neck cracked!!!  I'm in tears!!!-neck-crack-1-jpg   My neck cracked!!!  I'm in tears!!!-neck-crack-2-jpg  

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    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    First time I've seen something like that. Email Ernie Ball customer service advice and options open to you:

    Customer Service
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    Thank you

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    Hello and I’m sorry to hear the bad news.

    How is the moisture level in your music room? Winter is brutal on guitars and basses.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    OK, I am sure many people here will have other options, and find fault in my solution. That being said, IF IT WAS ME, I would get the thinnest 2 part epoxy I could find (West Systems has an extensive line). I would mix up a small batch and apply it over, and into, the crack using an epoxy brush. I would then use a blow dryer to heat the epoxy on the neck (this will liquefy it, allowing it to flow into the crack). Then I would use 2 small C-Clamps to close the crack. I would use hobby type 3 inch C Clamps. DO NOT clamp directly to the neck! Use shims in between the clamps and the neck to protect the neck from marking. Once clapped, use a rag with a LITTLE rubbing alcohol on it to remove ALL of the excess and oozed out epoxy. Just a SMALL alcohol, you don't want it sitting on your fretboard. After about 24hrs remove the clamps. The crack should be closed and secured. The time is overkill, but you want to make sure the epoxy is dry and hardened. This process comes from my long history in building scale RC planes and boats. We often have to deal with situations like this. Like I said, I am sure many here will have other solutions, and I am by no means saying that this is the only remedy, or the best one. It is simply want "I" would do. GOOD LUCK!!

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    I would bring it to a reputable luthier and get their opinion on what can be done.

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    Is the crack only at the glued on fingerboard (maple cap) or is the neck itself cracked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Is the crack only at the glued on fingerboard (maple cap) or is the neck itself cracked?
    Yeah, this is the important thing. If the neck is cracked clear through, that would not be a good sign.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    Is the crack only at the glued on fingerboard (maple cap) or is the neck itself cracked?
    That is a REALLY good question!! I wish I had asked that!!

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    It looks like an overtightened trussrod, bring it to a good luthier, ive seen that kind of crack repaired with hide glue.

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