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Thread: stingray 5 beauty

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    stingray 5 beauty

    hey guys wondering what year and info on my new bass
    any info would be cool
    bought it of a bass man ,,i work sound but would love to play like all yous bassmen
    have been playing around with it it sounds great whoohoo!
    trying to learn and is going well ,,never as fast as we would like.
    Thx. in advance and keep the music goin!!
    musicman stingray 5 e58385 natural and sunburst with pearl ,, a beautiful bass
    thx again

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    Hi Peter.

    Post in this thread:

    Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Welcome to the forum, Peter. We would love to see a picture of your new StingRay 5.

    2018 Axis - BFR - Buckeye Burl
    2017 Morse - BFR - Dark Lord in Tahitian Blue
    2017 StingRay 5 - 30th Anniversary - Buttercream
    2015 Luke III - BFR - Blackburst
    2013 Albert Lee - BFR - Pinkburst
    2013 Luke III - PDN - emerald green sparkle with an all rosewood neck
    2012 Morse - BFR - Dark Lord
    2012 Axis - PDN - Honeyburst
    2011 Axis - BFR - Black Sugar Roasted
    2009 Axis - Pink Quilt (Oinky) with pink video game button kill switch
    2006 StingRay - 30th Anniversary fretless

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