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Thread: Stop what you’re doing and go get a New Stingray Special!

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    Talking Stop what you’re doing and go get a New Stingray Special!

    Seriously, you can thank me later.

    I’m a fanboi, I admit it but Godamn if this company doesn't consistently swing for the fences and connect. I am a HUGE SR5 fanatic and I totally whiffed on the Special when it was introduced. I was like ah here we go..... New Coke. Gonna go ahead and eff up a Classic by “improving” it. Well I guess at some point I need to learn to not doubt BP and his team of Zenlike Yodas.

    I recently got a SR5 HH Special and I’ll be Damned if this beast isn’t taking my beloved SR5 and sprinkling magic fairy dust all over it. I still haven’t changed the position switch from the center spot and the EQ knobs are still set flat because it sounds so good I can’t make myself change anything. Ok I did listen to the other positions for a second when I first got it. Just to hear how great they sounded too and went right back to the center.

    The first weekend I got it I played a big old time Nashville type show run by Jimmy Dean’s widow (yeah the sausage guy). The professional FOH sound crew and the other musicians kept telling me how amazing it sounded and I was like no kidding. Manager told me it was the best bass sound he had heard in the theatre in some time.

    So look, if you’re like me and are an old set in your ways curmudgeon and don’t think the Special could be any better than the original..... I’m hear to tell you it’s not the case. That 18v pre and those pickups are astounding and the neck....,OMG! Just go check one out. Please.
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    Good morning! Now, if I remember correctly, most of your basses have the same finish... natural, I believe? Is the new one natural?

    That was an excellent public service message but it would be so much better with pictures. There's no fault in being a fanboi when there is so much to be a fan of!

    Congrats on the new bass and all of the compliments you received about it.

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    Thanks Scott!
    Two requests, please
    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
    Please don't PM me

    Please dont add me as a friend on life is an open book here as it is.

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    Stingray 4H - Black Sparkle, rosewood, matching headstock - DOB 5/9/02 (sold)
    Bongo 4H - Candy Red - DOB 5/24/06
    Big Al 4 H Black, Completely Rosewood Neck, Black Pickguard - DOB 01/31/2014

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    The lovely thing about the single H Bongo is it's point-and-shoot simplicity while still maintaining the ability to blow over large vehicles full of campers.

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    Shameless fanboi here, nothing wrong with finding something you like and sticking to it !
    Bass sounds nice, can we have some photos please!

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    Did what I was told for a change....

    Classic Sabre "Natural" born 4/23/2014
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    Classic Stingray 5 "Vintage White" born 5/17/2010
    SUB 5 "Graphite" born 4/1/2005
    Stingray 5 H LF "Black" born 4/1/2003
    Stingray H "Orange Firemist" born 1/28/2009
    SUB 1 H "Graphite" born 1/27/2005
    GK Fusion 550 & Neo 212 II
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    GK MB112 II & 112MBP

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    I have one on order! What was it Tom Petty said about waiting?

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