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Thread: Sterling Ray34 earlier model

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    Sterling Ray34 earlier model

    Im new to this forum. 1st post. Ok so I have a earlier model Sterling Ray34 approx 2013 . its black on black .The body is swamp ash . Does anyone know why the brand new models of the Ray34 only come in Natural for the ash bodies and they are using Mohogany for the black finish ? Im just wondering why they didnt create a new color for the finish on the mohogany bodies. Since theres no definitive resource anywhere on the web to quick reference serial #s to year of make for the Rays, it is going to get hectic for buyers of these new models down the road when they want to know what the tonewood was used for the aforementioned model. As far as I can see the prospective buyer is going to have to make individual inquiries to Sterling every time he wants to verify which year it is on the Black models so he knows which material hes buying. If mohogany and ash were similiar in tone then not such a big deal .but the only quality they share is they are both porous grained woods. Tones are polar opposite on the spectrum though. My question again is Why do they do this ? It was bad enough when whomever decided to brand the newer cheaper models out currently using Sterling as the brand. It just makes it that much more confusing and difficult for the seller who owns a sterling ray 34 or the seller who owns a sterling ray 4. Does anyone know there reasoning ? School me .. Im all ears.
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    These instruments are not made by Ernie Ball. Consequently Ernie Ball does not have the info you need.
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