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Thread: Great Early StingRay Footage!

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    Great Early StingRay Footage!

    A few years back I posted some good YouTube footage of Waylon Jennings' bass player on his StingRay. Since then I've noticed lots of clear footage has popped up from his 1983 tour and it's a real treat to see it (you will have to skip ahead on the second video...)

    Waylon Jennings in Sweden 1983 - YouTube
    Waylon Jennings - LIVE - 1983-10-03 - YouTube

    So often the single H StingRay is labelled as a slap/funk machine, but for me it's the ultimate country bass.... Teddy Gentry (Alabama) liked it back in those days, too.
    StingRay H (Vintage Sunburst/Maple FB)
    Classic StingRay H (Lake Tahoe Blue/Maple FB)
    Markbass LMIII/104HF Standard

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    I've seen Rays in pretty much any context. But yeah, it does the slap/funk thing pretty well!
    I love Red Paint.

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    I'm not big on country music, but this reminded me of a live video I've found of Hoyt Axton:
    Hoyt Axton - LIVE | complete gig - 1981-04-22 - YouTube

    Another awesome black/maple Stingray in country action. It was never a one trick pony bass in my eyes.

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    1979 StingRay natural maple

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