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Thread: NBD: SR5 Special

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    Aqua Sparkle for the win.

    Was invited to play bass for my buddy's duo (thus rendering it a trio without even trying) in a quiet wine place. I like these gigs where I can hear myself sing and don't have to work hard competing with drums.

    I have no idea what's going on in this photo but the bass looks good! Sounds great, too. If you guys haven't tried a "special", you need to do so. And I've still got the rounds on mine! Not like me at all.

    NBD:  SR5 Special-winefusion1-jpg

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    I feel that you will not be happy with this bass and its color. I'll PM you and address you can send it to, just so you can feel better about it.....🧐

    Lol! Congrats on a beautiful bass.

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    I love my Special SR5 HH but I must have an H. That is gorgeous Jack. Count me green with envy. Some day soon I’ll join you.

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