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Thread: The Cutlass/Caprice live on in the evolution of EBMM instruments =)

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    The Cutlass/Caprice live on in the evolution of EBMM instruments =)

    My friends,

    I suspect like me, many of you love your EBMM Cutlass/Caprice and mourn their passing. To ease our pain, it may be helpful to remember that parts of our beloved basses live on. The Modern Classic Bridge lives on in the Stingray Special. The body contouring lives on in the Stingray Special. And that 5 bolt contoured neck heel on the Stingray Special looks familiar too ;-)

    Many thanks to Big Poppa and company for taking the risk and investing in us passive guys =)
    One final note: I just wanted to say that the split coil in my Cutlass is just the best ever! It doesn't sound "hollow" like most P basses I've tried out. It's thick, rich, and throaty!!!! :-)

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    I bought a Caprice a couple of months ago and it immediately became my #1 bass for pretty much anything. It's my first EBMM bass and I'm blown away by the quality and the sound. Great bass for any style, super lightweight and comfortable to play. The neck is just... unbeliavable.
    I love Red Paint.

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    I picked up a slightly used Caprice (Diamond Blue) last Nov & it's quickly become my go-to bass in one of the bands I'm in. The tone is amazing & very easy to correct on the fly!

    Last week, I even traded one of my beloved Big Als for a tobacco-burst Caprice.

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