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Thread: Bongo offerings

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    Bongo offerings

    When will next/new color offerings for the Bongos be announced? Im not into any of the colors currently offered. Ive been hoping another more traditional color ....or something like that sunburst PDN I missed out on some years back would come along again but theyve seemed to only become more sparkly. Yes I know stealth is the furthest thing from sparkly but not really my thing or I would have purchased one.

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    I don't really know the answer but given historical data available to everyone, my guess would be new colors at NAMM in January.

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    If you don't want to wait, some retailers still have stock of older models. A lot depends on the config you are looking for as well.

    then again there is always Reverb and Ebay.

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    And still hoping for stainless steel frets standard or optional on a Bongo!

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