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Thread: Bongo 6 string questions...

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    Bongo 6 string questions...

    Hello everyone 😁... I've wanted to buy a six string and I've heard some awesome reviews for the Bongo six string and I have a couple of questions ( My local music store doesn't have any in stock so unfortunately I can't try them out and it will cost me some money to get them to ship one in) I play mostly jazz and on the worship team in church , I've heard the bongo gets used a lot in heavy metal music etc, so would it great in a jazz setting as well? And also I sit in the " classical guitar" position and I'm wondering if there's any neck dive? Is it comfortable to play? Thanks so much for your help!!!

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    I sit classical as well, no issues with neck dive or anything like that. It's a very well balanced bass


    Stealth Black Bongo 6 HH - 22/03/2011
    Stealth Pearl Bongo 6 HH - 14/04/2015
    Firemist Purple Bongo 6 HH - 06/07/2017
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    Mine feels fine. I play both standing and practice sitting. I have used it live.

    If you like bone crushing lows your 2 upper strings will start to lose presence - but 6 strings just seem that way. EQ settings are closer to flat then you would do with a 4 or 5.

    It is almost wide enough at the nut, ample spacing at the bridge. And the back of the neck is very flat - which is what it should be. I wish they would use that neck shape on the Bongo 5 and widen the nut a tad actually.

    Back to 6 strings. What confounds many builders is that they are guitar players and want tiny fast necks. But most in the extended range community want wider string spacing. Even the guys that are using the 10 string basses. You are doing a lot of lateral movement on the neck.

    I lucked out and got my deep purple one while an HS was still available.

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    You can use just about any bass in any setting and genre. The Bongo excels at clean tones but the 4 band preamp is very very flexible and versatile.

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    I agree on the 4 band!

    I haven't figured out why the C and G strings loose presence so easily. Maybe the amount of mass in the metal? I could try angling the pickups. But other 6 strings (not EBMM) do it too.

    My one pet peeve is probably a silly one. The metal plate that secures the screws to hold the neck on. It is the same one that you see on the 4 string. It just looks puny and tiny. Come on EBMM - you own a metal shop, spring for a larger plate! :-)

    Bound to make the neck more secure too.

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    I’ve not found that the Bongo loses presence or tone in the higher strings. On the contrary especially after rebalancing the pickups.

    The neck seems pretty secure on every Bongo I’ve played and owned, or at least, the necks on them havent popped off accidentally in any way.

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    I have a Bongo 6 HH. The first Sunday I played it in church I got lots of comments about how great it sounds. They never say anything to me about the bass but always do when I play the Bongo 6.

    For me, everything about the bass is perfect.....except I would prefer the neck to be more narrow at the nut. My other 6's are more narrow and feel more comfortable to my small hands as a result. That said, after I play the Bongo 6 for a few minutes I no longer think about the string spacing.

    The electronics are simply the best I have ever had on a Bongo 5 is the same. EB really hit the nail squarely on the head with these electronics. Oh, I also lucked out in that my 6 weighs 9 pounds, 12 ounces.

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