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Thread: Cordes ernie ball introuvable

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    Cordes ernie ball introuvable


    That's it, I made my scratch (my new PRS) in tuning Re, and the seller (Jerichomusic, which at the same time is a really great stores) does it to me by shooting 11-52 from Ernie Ball (Custom Nickelwound Light 11-52) (My problem is that I can not find these strings for sale on the net ...

    So I ask you, can you help me find these strings? because I could always buy them at Jericho, but if I
    must have placed an order on a site and I need all the ropes to take in the same place ^^

    I have another question ^^, according to you, I would need a big settings of handle, harmonics (or others), if I pass on ropes of Addario 11-52:
    The difference is in strings 2 and 3, or for Ernie it's 15 versus 14 at D'Addario and 22w for Ernie versus 18 at D'Addario.

    I think there will be a setting of the Tremolo to do, but that's not too embarrassing I think it will be fesable without too much trouble (and then I'm sure I'll block it with a trenol-No ^^)

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    Sounds lie theses.
    Ernie Ball 2226 Burly Slinky 11-52 Set
    Available to mail order from most places if not stocked in local store

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    StingRay 4H. Buttercreme. 2005
    StingRay 4H. SunBlue. 2005
    Bongo 4H. Sapphire Black. 2005
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