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Thread: Nbd: Musicman stingray 4 h mn bk

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    Nbd: Musicman stingray 4 h mn bk

    A few years back I had a herd of basses but more recently I whittled them down, until about a year ago I was left with just one.
    A Sandberg California II - VT4, that I gig in my blues-rock band.
    Very recently I got myself a MusicMan guitar, which reminded me how good Musicman gear really is and got me thinking about another bass.
    I've had 3 Stingrays in the past, the most recent being an HS model.
    A wonderful bass but I found the fingerboard just a little too wide.
    Anyway a friend of mine who owns a smallish guitar shop locally had had some EBMM basses over the last few years and had just one left in stock.
    It had been in a while because most of the local bassists, like the rest of the UK, seems to love Fender above all else.
    So it was already at a very good price but then my mate offers me it at cost.
    Now that's an offer I couldn't refuse.
    So now an all black, with all maple neck Stingray 4, is sitting in my music room.
    All I had to do was lower the action by a tiny amount and this beauty is ready to go.
    What I love about this bass, is the absolute simplicity of it's one pickup and 3 knob EQ system.
    Getting that solid Stingray tone to how you like it is a real doddle, then it's just down to your fingers and imagination.
    Top quality build and finishing just give you a bass that will fit with any occasion.
    Looking forward to the next next rehearsal/gig.
    Nbd: Musicman stingray 4 h mn bk-jpg
    Nbd: Musicman stingray 4 h mn bk-jpg

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    Congrats, very nice!

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    Yay! One of my favourite combos: Black with Maple.


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    Classic colour combo. Congratulations. Enjoy!

    StingRay 4HH. SapphireBlack.2006
    StingRay 4H. Buttercreme. 2005
    StingRay 4H. ”SunBlue”. 2005
    Bongo 4H. Sapphire Black. 2005
    GENZ-BENZ & ORANGE amps...

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    Took my new Stingray to band rehearsal last night.
    Can't believe how comfortable it felt to play, like I'd had it for years.
    Different sound from my 2 pickup (J & P) Sandberg.
    The mighty HB on the Stingray is definitely more powerful.
    After a little EQing I actually more or less left the tone controls on flat.
    The band all liked it, with the singer particularly praising it.
    So it'll be joining me for the next gig at the Colne Blues festival, on Saturday.

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    Did my first gig with this bass, last weekend, at the Colne Rhythm & Blues Festival.
    The room required some tonal tweaking on my Stingray.
    Had to cut the bass a little and add a touch of middle.

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