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Thread: My long and winding journey to EBMM Stingray's

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    My long and winding journey to EBMM Stingray's

    Hi All,

    Having started playing bass when I was 13, I've been at it for 27 years now and up until recently I never played a Stingray. Shocking, I know! When I was a teenager, my first basses were P-bass clones and then I found Warwick and stuck with them for a decade plus, eventually arriving at Ritter. As I've gotten older and (hopefully) much wiser, I've learned through experience that workhorse instruments are where it's at. I've never been a big P-bass fan, or fan of passive basses for that matter, so that left me exploring G&L and Music Man, pre-EB and EBMM. L-1000/2000's are great and all, but once I turned my attention to Stingray's, it was all over. I finally got a chance to play a few local examples and fell in absolute love with everything about this extraordinary instrument: solid, balanced, punchy, versatile.

    As such, I've found myself in the enviable position of being able to acquire my very first Stingray, so I hope to officially join the club very soon!

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    Congratulations, and welcome!

    I also started out on Fenders -- my first was a '68 Telecaster (big, wide, round neck), and then i picked up a '72 P-bass, which i promptly had de-fretted because (1) i was listening to a lot of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets at that point, and (2) a guy in another rock band in town was playing one, and i thought it looked cool. Then after a few years, i decided i wanted a 5-string, and figured it pretty much had to be a Music Man (probably mostly because of Tony Levin). Then that was pretty much my only bass for the next two decades. :-)

    I've since acquired a few more EBMMs, and several other "oddities", but i really only ever pick up the MMs.
    93 SR 5 H fl trans teal
    90 SR 5 H fretted* trans red (orig. lined fl)
    07 SR 5 HH Dargie I
    07 SR 5 Hp fl black/whi
    08 SR 4 HH BFR Redwood
    09 SR 5 H Dargie II
    09 25th Anniversary 5 HSS
    09 Reflex 5 Rosewood
    10 Reflex 5 Lamborghini orange burst
    04 Bongo 5 HHp Sapphire
    06 Bongo 5 Hp Egyptian smoke
    14 Bongo 5 HSp fl Cardinal red sparkle
    17 Bongo 6 HS fl Starry Night, roasted
    12 Sterling 5 HS PDN honeyburst
    14 Sterling 5 HH Pacific blue-burst
    70s EB Earthwood bass
    72 EB Earthwood guitar

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