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Thread: Darkglass pre-amp?

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    Darkglass pre-amp?

    Hi all... Iím wondering if anyone here has installed the Darkglass tone capsule pre-amp in to their Stingray bass? If so, how do you like it and are there any videos??


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    I don't think any Stingray owner in their right mind would swap a stock Stingray pre-amp with another pre-amp of a different make.

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    I use the alpha omega d.i. pedal and have owned a B7 and B3. I agree with Karl, wouldn't install one in any of my MM's.

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    It does happen occasionally, although I don't know anyone who has used the Darkglass. Also, just a reminder that this is the official Ernie Ball Music Man forum, not Talkbass. I'd like to keep things focused on the manufacturer's product, please.


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