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Thread: Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays

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    Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays

    Hi folks,

    I recently bought a Bongo 5 HS, but only after a while I noticed it has regular dot inlays, not the standard half moon ones...

    Are there any Bongo fivers that come with that feature from the factory?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Many of the BFR and PDN Bongos have regular dot inlays. Do you have a picture you can share?

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    Here, Guggenhagen:

    Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays-f624e513-0763-4cd9-b855-b273c5f134ac-jpg

    Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays-141d7701-3a2d-4036-b862-b18f0c775421-jpg

    Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays-af3004d7-9f75-4335-87e1-2184d170659f-jpg

    Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays-92ce12e8-183b-4b09-ad51-5d99349f8afa-jpeg

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    Some leave the factory this way... (don't know why).
    Bongo 5 With Regular Inlays-bildschirmfoto-2019-09-19-um-11-07-08-jpg
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    Very strange. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before. If you haven’t already put your serial number through the data base here.
    Serial Number Database | Ernie Ball Music Man
    That will give you more information.
    Nice looking Bongo btw

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    This bass originally went out to a Music Man Artist. Sometimes the artist instruments get small changes like this.

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    Here's one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
    This bass originally went out to a Music Man Artist. Sometimes the artist instruments get small changes like this.
    Maybe, but many of the other Egyptian Smoke bongos i've seen (including the one i have right here with me, F14720) had dots, too. Was that a limited/special run?
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